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    cobas® HPV Test

    Risk matters. Deliver 3 results in 1 test for accuracy that your clinical partners expect and that patients deserve      

Uncover disease missed by cytology

ATHENA trial results showed that women who were HPV 16 positive with normal cytology had a 13.6% absolute risk of ≥CIN2; therefore, nearly 1 in 7 women who tested positive for HPV 16 had high-grade cervical disease that was missed by cytology.1

Because the cobas® HPV Test identifies who among the HPV positive group is HPV 16 or HPV 18 positive, it helps your clinical partners uncover those women at the highest risk who may have been missed by cytology. 




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1. Wright TC Jr, Stoler MH, Sharma A, Zhang G, Behrens CM, Wright TL. Evaluation of HPV-16 and HPV-18 genotyping for the triage of women with high-risk HPV+ cytology-negative results. Am J Clin Pathol. 2011;136:578-586.